Sunday, January 17, 2016

The South African Boerboel Dog

Boerboel dog is considered a protective guard dog that is not aggressive in their native South Africa. They are affectionate, gentle and make great family pets. They are a very large dog, but they love to be close to their family.

The adult Boerboel dog will weigh 154 to 200 pounds, and they are 23 to 28 inches tall. They are a huge dog that is muscular. Their coat is short and thick and will be off white, brown, reddish brown and many shades of brindle. Their muzzle is black, and their tail is short.

In the 17th century, an employee of the Dutch East Indian Company was sent to South Africa, and he took a large Mastiff dog with him. The settlers brought molasses and other large dogs with them and the mastiff mated with the molossers and the other large dogs. The offspring eventually became the Boerboel.

They are very protective, and they can tell their owners moods. They will become very alert when strangers come around. The need to be socialized and obedience trained when they are young.

They need very little brushing and only an occasional bath. They are so large apartment living may not be for them. It would be good to have a large fenced in yard for them to run in. They need to take daily walks. They must always be kept on a leash. Never forget that they are large and strong.

Sources and credits: Picture from a copyright free source Pixabay.