Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Beautiful Collie Dog

Collies are beautiful dogs but they require a lot of grooming. They are intelligent, loving, gentle and loyal. They will love their whole family including all their other pets. They are very devoted to their family but are usually wary of outsiders. When you take your collie to the dog park he will usually be an observer and not join in the playtime.

Collies ;usually weigh 48 to 70 pounds and are 22 to 26 inches tall. There are rough coated and smooth coated collies. The rough coated is the most popular. Their colors are sable, tricolor, blue merle, sable merle and white with darker color markings.

In Scotland and England collies have been around since there has been livestock to care for. Collies have herded sheep and cattle for hundreds of years. Collies became pets when Queen Victoria took an interest in them. They are a very popular pet in the United States.

Collies love to play with their family. They also like a lot of attention. Collies are really low maintenance dogs. They are not demanding or destructive. They will on occasion get moody. They will protect their family if they since danger.

They will need regular exercise. They will need to be socialized and trained when they are young. If they are not they could be very timid.

The family collies are not like the collies seen in movies and on T.. Collies are working dogs. They should have a big yard to explore in.

Collies need to be brushed everyday. They also need regular trips to the groomers. They do not do well when it is hot and their nose will get sunburned.

Sources and credits: Picture Pixabay