Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The French Bulldog

The French Bulldog belongs to the non-sporting group of dogs. They are 11 to 13 inches tall and weigh 28 pounds. They can be brindle, reddish brown, white, tan, black and white and brindle.

The French Bulldog will make a good watchdog. They are great family dogs and are good with small children. They love lots of attention.

The French bulldog is extremely affectionate and playful. They can be very funny dogs. They get along with other pets and strangers. Sometimes the males will be aggressive with other dogs. They love to hunt for mice.

They only need to be brushed once a week unless they are shedding which happens in the spring and fall.

They do not need a lot of exercise. A short walk daily will do. Never walk them when it is hot.

They can be stubborn so they must be trained and socialized when they are young.

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