Monday, January 18, 2016

The Belgian Malinois Dog

They are very loyal and affectionate friends. They were once herding dogs but they love to be with their family. They are very watchful and alert around children. They love it when they get a lot of play time and they love to be cuddled and talked to.

The Belgian Malinois shepherd is named after Malines, Belgian. There are four Belgian sheepdogs and the Belgian Malinois is the favorite with the Belgian sheepherders. They came to the United States in the early 1920s. They did not get popular until the 1960s. Today they are popular for herding, agility, obedience, police work, companions and family pets.

The Belgian Malinois will usually be very protective of their territory, home and family. They are great watchdogs. They can be wary of strangers.

They will need to be brushed occasionally. You must not give them a bath very often as this will remove their natural waterproofing.

Their coast is weather proof and will be fawn, red, and mahogany with black tips.

If you decide to get a Belgian Malinois shepherd be prepared for a hectic life. They are very active dogs. Sometimes you will think they are on steroids. When they are K-9 dogs they are still a challenge to keep up with.

It would be best to check out the Belgian Malinois dogs habits and personalty before you get one. This way you will know if you have the time, energy and patience to own one. They are fabulous dogs for the right people.

Your must start socializing them when they are young and you must continue through out their life.

Sources and credits: Picture courtesy of a copyright free source.