Monday, January 25, 2016

Edinburgh Castle of Scotland

You will find Scotland's most important castle sitting on a massive rocky foundation of volcanic rock. The castles location is connected to the country’s rich history. Scotland’s Kings and Queens have made this Royal Castle their home. Everyone that has lived there has made changes to the original castle.

The Edinburgh Castle has many functions. It is a palace, chapel barracks, fortress and war memorial. Scottish kings are sworn in at the Stone of Destiny. The Scottish crown jewels are kept in the Edinburgh Castle. The Crown Room is where the Crown Scepter and Sword of State are kept.

The Great Hall has a collection of weapons and armor on display. At exactly 1p.m every day, a cannon is fired from the castle. You will also get beautiful views of the city from Edinburgh Castle. You can learn a lot from a visit to this medieval fortress.

Sources and credits: Picture courtesy of Pixabay.