Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cowboys of Australia

The cowboy in Australia is called a Jackaroo. In Australia the cattle ranches are called cattle stations. The outback of Australia has a lot of cattle stations. The Jackaroos of Australia have a very dangerous and rough life.

The Jackaroos work on cattle and sheep stations. In the 19th century the word Jackaroo originated in Queensland, Australia. Jackaroo is also used in Australia and New Zealand. Jackaroo is part of Autralia's culture and the Australian stockmen traditions.

America had cowboys when the Old West was developed. Australia also had cowboys and they were called stockman. In Australia a stockman looks after livestock on a station. The stations are owned by a grazier or a grazing company. Feedlots, abattoirs, livestock and export ships also used stockmen.

When stockmen work with livestock in the Top End they are called ringers. Stations of have problems getting stockmen. Many young women go to work on the outback stations.

When the cattle ranching started the outlaws came. They were called Bush Rangers. Originally the Bush Rangers were runaway convicts. They used the Australian bush as a hide out. The Bush Rangers were robbers. They would rob banks in small towns and coaches. They also rustled cattle.

Sources and credits: Picture courtesy of wikimedia commons