Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tarpan Horse

Picture: Kherson tarpan by Scherer Public Domain

The Tarpan horse is not large. They are around 13 hands tall. They are usually dun to brown in color. They will have a black mane and tail. They also have a black striae down their back. Their body and legs will sometimes have zebra stripes on them. Sometimes in very cold climates in the winter their coat will turn white.

The ?Tarpan horses a primitive horse from the ice age. The modern horses are descended from the Tarpan horse. The Tarpan horse is lighter built than the ancient Przewalski's Horse and the Forest horse. The Tarpan horse is faster and lighter built.

Some people think the Tarpan horse is extinct and others think that some line on a preserve in Poland. There are many people that think the last Tarpan horse died some where between 1887 and 1919. Many people think the horses that live on the preserves in Poland are a cross between the Polish peasant ponies and the Tarpan horse.

The Tarpan horse is one of the 4 ancient breeds used to develop the horse of today. It is believed the Tarpan horse comes from the ancient European horses that came to Europe from America during the ice age. At one time they were hunted for their meat which was a delicacy in the 18th century. The Tarpan horse was used for light farm work by the Polish peasants. It is believed the last wild Tarpan horse was killed in 1879 in Russia just before the last Tarpan horse in captivity died. The Polish government has rounded up a herd of horses that may or may not be purebred Tarpans.

It is said the Tarpan horse is very brave. They do not seem to get sick and when injured they will heal very quickly and without problems. Tarpan horses will fight domestic horses.

The Tarpan horse breed was influenced by the Asiatic Wild Horse and the Mongolian Wild Horse.

Sources and credits: Picture courtesy of: wikimedia commons